Mallory Park – Masters – 25th October 2009

Posted on 21 Apr, 2010

The last race of the year provided three races, one in the Cloth Cap and two Touring 70’s.  This would be the first time the Broadspeed XJC would turn a wheel in anger since the TT at Silverstone in 1976!

A good qualifying session put Chris Scragg in 4th position behind the Capri of Shaun Lynn and the Escorts of Mark Wright and Mike Wrigley.  From the start these positions were held until around lap 8 when Chris started to feel more comfortable and moved past the two Escorts into 2nd place.  He then aimed to close the gap on the Capri when it suddenly expired leaving Chris in the lead.  Mark Wright then came back at Chris and managed to overtake him.  Chris stayed in close pursuit for the next five laps and managed to regain the lead back from Mark.  By the time the chequered flag was lowered Chris was a clear 23 seconds of second place and took the first ever win for the Broadspeed Coupe and making history in the process.

In between the Touring 70’s double header was the Cloth Cap 45 minute two driver race.  A good qualifying put Michael 2nd on the gridin the E-type  just behind Shaun Lynn’s AC Cobra in damp conditions.  Michael followed the Cobra until the mandatory pitstop when he handed over to Mike Wright.  Mark left the pits closing the gap on the Cobra and took the lead round the outside of Gerard’s.  He then pulled nearly 30 seconds clear taking the chequered flag and another win for the team.

The second race of the Touring 70’s saw Chris again challenging for the lead, however, mechanical problems forced Chris to bring the car in early before the end of the race.