Iberian Rally – Testimonial and report…

Posted on 7 Oct, 2015




M & C Wilkinson were approached earlier this year by one of long standing clients to again prepare his MK1 for his next rally in Spain.  Following his return he kindly supplied the following testimonial to thank the team for their continued support over the recent years maintaing and upgrading the car for long distance use;

“Dear Mike, Michael & All The Team at M & C Wilkinson,

Re: WXX 890 Jaguar 3.4 MK1

October 2015.

As usual, a big thank you for all the service work you did in March. As always the car remains a pleasure to drive and with the differential ratio change, the rev counter is now showing approximately 2,800rpm at 70 mph & I’m achieving over 20mpg when touring. The removal of wing mirrors & fitting of the Coombs style small spats alongside the paint cosmetics has really lifted the look of the car.

Since returning from the USA & back into your workshops at the beginning on 2014, I thought it may be of interest to tell you what the car has been up to in 2,014 & 2,015.

“After a mammoth 2013, the car came back into you upon its return from the USA & Canada where it received some much needed TLC.  2014 was always going to be a much more relaxing year for the Jaguar, hence it has only done a little shy of 5,000 miles. That said, it has experienced a little snow and ice, torrential rain and an unbelievably warm Spring, Summer and Autumn. Other than some stupidity from me (gallon of diesel put in) the car has yet again never missed a beat and is a real pleasure to drive. I love the fact it has the looks of a sheep, but really has a little of the wolf in its DNA! Having always toured in XKs, we find this car such a more practical car to use and for the life of me cannot understand why the MK2 is given more credit! Much more common, too much chrome, more weight and not really any faster”

“As you are aware, we use the car regularly, including shopping, and occasionally taking grandchildren to school!  Whereas we wouldn’t necessarily set off in extreme bad weather, we accept that it happens and loose no sleep over it. I genuinely believe this is why there would appear to be no gremlins in the car! Long may that continue!

So where did the car take us to in 2,014? Outside of the counties surrounding Derbyshire, I believe we have visited Weymouth, Guernsey, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Harlech & Snowdonia, Fowey in Cornwall, The Yorkshire Wolds, The Malverns and various parts of Dorset, Devon and Somerset. Guernsey was real fun & where we were invited to do the famous “Cobweb Run” by the Guernsey Car Club”

“After you did the work in March 2015, we commenced using the car for several mini runs through Northumbria, Snowdonia in North Wales, Anglesey & Rutland in readiness for a bigger rally with our club (www.caargb.co.uk) during September 2,015. The Iberian Rally was fantastic, in particular the Pyrenean section, which presented drives the like of which I have only experienced in the Alps & at the Stelvio! The roads in the mountains had good surfaces & were often only single file. Plenty of gear changes & tyre squeal! The Spaniards, love classic cars & appreciate seeing British cars in the more remote parts of their country. My wife & I will return to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees where there are few people & an abundance of beautiful green scenery, good food & wine at sensible prices! Added to that, I can now tick off a further 2 of the greatest drives in Europe off my list! Over 4,500 miles done so far since March”

Since being under your care, the car has now done over 15,000 miles, which is a positive reflection of the many skills applied by your staff!

I look forward to working with you on the car and would thank you and the team for your continued support and dare I say it, friendship!

Best wishes,

Guy Vinall.”