Jaguar ‘Champion of Champions 2015’ concourse – Best ‘E-Type’ in show & Client testimonial.

Posted on 2 Dec, 2015

M & C Wilkinson have recently competed in the 2015 Jaguar ‘Champion of Champions’ Concourse at the annual ‘Classic Car Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham with one of our long term clients E-Type series 2 FHC. The E-Type was awarded the best E-Type in show and third overall. A fantastic achievement for client and the M & C Team for all their hard work together in preparation for the event.

Our client kindly wrote the following testimonial prior to the event detailing the cars history and the restoration work carried out by M & C Wilkinson;



CAR: Jaguar E-Type FHC Series 2.

FWY 350J. Owned by Guy Hawkyard, York.

MANUFACTURED: 20th May, 1970.

FIRST REGISTERED: September 1970.

This car, amongst one of the last of the 4.2 E-Types was sold to K.D.Campbell Esq. of Ripon by Glovers of Ripon. Mrs Campbell found the clutch too heavy for her comfort, and in early ’71 the car was returned to where it was bought with 4000 miles on the clock, and traded in for two MGBs. Our family company bought the car from Glovers for £2000; there was no onerous taxable benefit on company cars levied on people in those days. Almost new E-Types were not selling easily in early 1971 because the eagerly awaited Series 3 V12 was grabbing all the attention, and by comparison, the 1948 XK engine upon which this car’s engine is based seemed a bit old hat. We part exchanged for the princely sum of £400 our dilapidated, repainted (badly) but still roadworthy 3.8 E-Type, and in March of 1971 became the new owners of this car on show today. We preferred the economy and line of the non- 2+2 FHC S2 which was not available with the S3 V12.

By 1980 the car had covered 59,000 miles, and was looking shabby. It was driven into a shed and left untouched for the next 22 years as we had replaced it for day to day use with the All New Mini Metro. At this time the E-Type was bought out of the company.

In May of 2002 I contacted Mike Wilkinson of M and C Wilkinson as they were specialists in old Jaguars, and they were comparatively local. I wanted it restoring to its former glory, and after seeing him and his premises believed he was the right choice for me. Everything was taken apart to reveal how enthusiastically the tin worm had wielded its magic, and the extent of the horrors that lay ahead. The gearbox and diff. were stripped and deemed as good as new. The engine was made compatible with unleaded fuel, all perishable components were replaced, and then it was tuned to run as sweetly as an XK engine can. All finally prepared body panels were made and fitted perfectly, then taken apart again for painting before being refitted. Only if something was beyond repair was it replaced, as to me originality is everything.

By the late summer of 2003, the E-Type was totally transformed. It has since been regularly driven averaging just over a thousand miles a year, and has had five attendances at the annual JDC E-Type day in the Cotswolds where it has done well in the concourse judging on the day. It has also been on many club tours and regularity runs including trips to the New Forest, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Ireland to name but a few.

On long runs it is astonishingly fuel efficient for an E-Type, and regularly returns 31 plus miles to the gallon.

Guy Hawkyard