Peter Auto “Sixties Endurance” 2016 Round 1 “Jarama Classic” – Round 2 “Spa Summer Classic” – Round 3 “Dijon – Grand Prix L’age D’or”

Posted on 9 Jun, 2016

The M & C Team have been privileged to have competed in all three rounds of the 2016 Peter Auto Series, Europe’s premier historic race meetings. The team have taken part with Alexis De Beaumont and his beautiful E-Type fixed head coupe.

Round 1 of the series started at Jarama in Spain, a good qualifying saw Alexis and John Bussell qualify 5th overall on the grid and 1st E-Type. Unfortunately an engine gremlin struck half way through the two hour race when Alexis was challenging for the lead meaning an unwanted DNF at the event.


Alexis in second place at the start in Jarama

Round 2 of the series was at the world famous Spa circuit in Belgium. Another good qualifying put the E-Type 12th on the grid, 3rd E-Type overall. Both drivers managed to overcome a low down power issue during the race so that they and the car finished 6th overall and 1st E-Type by the end. Thus moving the car and drivers into 7th place overall in the championship!


Charging through the field at Spa!

Round 3 and the M & C Team headed over to Dijon in France to compete in round three of the series. An amazing qualifying put them 3rd on the grid, 1st E-Type and a point eight of a second off of the pole positioned Cobra. At the start of the race the car was promoted to pole position (for reason we still do not know!) Alexis managed to drive an incredible stint in the first half matching the times of John throughout the race and by the end John managed to bring the car home in 5th overall and 1st E-Type yet again!


Alexis using all the track during his driving master class at Dijon! 

We await the updated championship standings to be published from the organisers, however we believe this will now have placed the car and drivers in the top three of the championship and certainly first E-Type at this stage.