M & C Wilkinson Ltd has over thirty years experience in the restoration and preservation of classic Jaguar cars. We are now established as a highly reputable marque, with a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen who are able to produce or maintain Classic Jaguars to the highest standard.

Our experience and knowledge amassed over the years is then transferred to our parts department; with all components used being checked for quality and fitment. Our warehouse stocks an extensive range of superior genuine and reproduction parts which are supplied throughout the world.


JAGUAR 1948 Sir William Lyons had put together a team of designers, engineers and work force with a spirit forged during the Second World War of ingenuity, innovation and determination to succeed, competing with any manufacturer of car, throughout the world.

All of the cars they produced shared the same ethos and ways of working which were established at Browns Lane, Coventry.

Jaguars of the classic period of the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s all share that special type of motoring style and performance best summed up by the original slogan Grace, Space & Pace.


At M & C Wilkinson Ltd our fully rebuilt “Sayer Cars” that we produce aim to maintain and preserve that special car, which was produced by the factory in period, for the pleasure and enjoyment of the owner.  Our philosophy is not to change unless necessary the unique nature of the cars made by Jaguar.

We are aware of the realities of today and that with the best will in the world replacement parts are required and also improvements necessary with today’s motoring demands. We do however ensure that the unique identity of Classic Jaguar Cars is maintained.


Malcolm Sayer was originally an aircraft designer were he worked for the Bristol Aeroplane company during the Second World War. He later became a car designer with his “piece de resistance” being the E-Type Jaguar”. He spent the last twenty years of his life working at Jaguar and he was the first car designer to apply the principles of aerodynamics.

Sayer’s first design for a sports racing Jaguar was the immensely successful and extremely beautiful C Type that won Le Mans in 1951 and 1953.

To surpass the C Type, Sayer then designed the revolutionary D Type Jaguar that was one of the most successful racing cars of all time – winning Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. On the Mulsanne straight, D type could achieve a speed of 192.4 mph.

Sayer then went on to design the Jaguar E-Type the icon of sixties motoring. Then in 1965, Sayer designed the Jaguar XJ13 a mid-engined Jaguar sports racing car that was orginally intended for competition at Le Mans. Cost constraints and a rule change at Le Mans meant the XJ-13 was never used in international competition, but it exemplified all of the classical Sayer sophistication in aerodynamics as his earlier designs and in his own right he was the Adrian Newey of his era for Jaguar sports racing cars.